Get your dancing shoes ready because ADE 2023 is approaching fast! From October 18th to October 22nd, Amsterdam will be once again the epicenter of electronic music. As we count down the days, we’ve compiled a list of can’t-miss ADE parties. All 5 ADE tips are recommended by our own Hotel Casa colleagues. Let’s delve into the ADE excitement!


“Intimate vibes, quality music, and like-minded souls coming together to truly enjoy and dance. That’s the Breakfast Club experience at ADE.”

~ Michelle, Marketing Manager

Prepare to party like no other at the ADE Marathon 2023, organized by The Breakfast Club. They offer a unique and exhilarating journey spanning four distinct parties featuring a staggering lineup of 32 artists spread across various venues. With each morning replenished by signature breakfasts, participants can test their stamina as they traverse this musical marathon. The ultimate prize awaits those who cross the finish line on Sunday night at an undisclosed ADE closing event, surrounded by both familiar faces and newfound friends. So, as The Breakfast Club laces up their dancing shoes, get ready to witness the heart-pounding spectacle of ADE like never before!

Dates & Locations

Saturday 21/10 (8AM – 6PM): The Other Side

Saturday 21/10 (6PM – 5AM): Toekomstmuziek

Sunday 22/10 (8AM- 6PM): Radion

Sunday 22/10 (6PM – 7AM): Secret Location


“Joining the crowd at Into the Woods means immersing yourself in stunning scenery, cozy bonfires, and the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor vibes, all at the iconic NDSM Wharf.”

~ Isis, Manager on Duty 

Into The Woods ADE 2023 Hotel Casa

Prepare for Into the Woods x ADE, taking place at Amsterdam’s NDSM-wharf on October 20th and 21st. This immersive event offers a diverse range of music stages, catering to techno enthusiasts and lovers of eclectic/tropical beats alike. While most stages are sheltered, it’s a good idea to bring warm clothing for outdoor areas and cozy bonfires.

Beyond the music, expect a feast for the senses with captivating fire performances by Compagnie Doedel and live painting displays. Wander through the festival grounds, hop on whimsical animal-shaped wheels for a joyride, or browse the market for your next festival outfit.

Dates & Location

Friday 20/10 (12PM – 11PM): NDSM Wharf

Saturday 21/10 (12PM – 11PM): NDSM Wharf



“This festival is a new adventure for me, but I’m always eager to explore something fresh. I’m joining friends who’ve been before, and they just can’t stop raving about it!”

~ Ron, Jr. Banqueting Manager

Mystic Garden ADE

Mystic Garden Festival brings a touch of idyllic charm and a warm, welcoming atmosphere to the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) calendar. Every festival-goer draws energy from the world of Mystic Garden in their own unique way. Whether it’s dancing to pulsating techno beats in Terminal One or getting lost amidst the enchanting, art-lit forests, there’s something for everyone to revel in. It’s a magical escape where attendees can find their own path to rejuvenation and enjoyment amidst the festival’s diverse offerings.

Date & Location

Saturday 21/10 (12PM – 11PM): Havenpark 


4. SlapFunk x Shelter x ADE

“Slapfunk is the definition of great music and no-nonsense vibes. I love the fact that this event is more lowkey than other big events during ADE”

~ Eva, Jr. Marketeer

Slapfunk ADE

During ADE, Slapfunk is set to deliver four unforgettable events that embody the true essence of their musical passion.From YellowHouse and Shelter to Loft and Levenslang, their ADE events promise to be a culmination of a decade’s worth of passion and dedication. So, if you’re looking for an experience that’s not just about music but also a unique attitude, Slapfunk’s events at ADE are a must-attend, promising to ignite your senses and keep you grooving till dawn. It’s an opportunity to celebrate their journey and experience the infectious energy that has made Slapfunk a prominent name in the underground music scene.

Dates & Locations

Friday 20/10 (5PM – 10PM): YellowHouse

Friday 20/10 (11PM – 7AM): Shelter 

Saturday 21/10 (6.30AM – 4PM): Loft 

Saturday 21/10 (23.59pM – 8AM): Levenslang 


5. House of Love by FOLAMOUR

“I look forward to dancing with my group of friends to the ultimate blend of disco and house grooves at Folamour ADE.”

~ Tjerk, Sales Executive Meetings & Events

House of Love 2023 ADE

House of Love by Folamour is a highly anticipated event during the ADE marathon week in October. Hosted by Folamour’s label, it promises to deliver a unique and safe music experience for its passionate fanbase. Taking place at the NDSM Warehouse during DGTL, the night will feature exhilarating sets by Jayda G and David Vunk, followed by a captivating performance by Gerd Janson, known for his eclectic mix of gloomy house and foreign gems. Early arrival is essential to fully immerse in the magic of this event, as the lineup is set to be extraordinary.

Date & Location

Friday 20/10: NDSM Warehouse 

As Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2023 approaches, we’ve highlighted the top 5 ADE tips for an unforgettable week of music, art, and culture. From pulsating dance floors to immersive showcases, these events are the heartbeat of ADE. Join us in celebrating the universal language of music and the moments that await on the dance floor!


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