In our vibrant capital, a delightful ice cream is never far away on warm days. With the gorgeous weather of the moment, we’ve set out to discover the crème de la crème of ice cream parlors in one of the liveliest parts of the city: Amsterdam East. From timeless favorites to daring flavor sensations, get ready for warm days filled with ice cream joy. And the best part? These 5 ice cream salons are all in the Hotel Casa neighbourhoud.


Wibautstraat 109h - 12-minute walk from Hotel Casa

Ijscuypje Wibautstraat Ice cream salons

Situated on the bustling Wibautstraat is a true treat for ice cream enthusiasts: IJscuypje. It all began in 2007 when Edwin de Koeijer opened his first ice cream parlor near the renowned Albert Cuyp market, marking the start of his ice cream empire with 14 locations throughout the city.

IJscuypje stands out for their dedication to artisanal Dutch ice cream, prepared with local ingredients, a deliberate departure from the Italian gelato tradition. The switch to organic milk from a farm in Overijssel and Belgian Valrhona chocolate showcases their commitment to quality. The precision with which their ice cream is crafted makes them a gem of the Amsterdam ice cream scene.


Pretoriusstraat 89 - 9-minute walk from Hotel Casa

Massimo Gelato Ice cream salons

Unlike Ijscuypje’s ice cream, Massimo Gelato offers gelato just as you’d find it in Italy. While the primary ingredients of gelato and ice cream are similar, the distinction lies in their ratios and preparation techniques.

A standout at Massimo Gelato? The pistachio flavor takes the spotlight without a doubt. This divine ice cream, crafted from Sicilian pistachios, beautifully showcases Massimo Bertonasco’s unparalleled artistry and the commitment of his devoted team. Whether you’re a seasoned pistachio lover or you want to surprise yourself with the many flavors the ice cream parlor offers, one of Massimo Gelato’s four locations is a must-try when it comes to ice cream!


Beukenplein 5 - 14-minute walk from Hotel Casa

Ijsboefje Ice cream salons

Het IJsboefje has been enticing ice cream enthusiasts with high-quality artisanal scooped ice cream at Beukenplein 5. This iconic ice cream parlor allows you to savor delicious ice cream from the renowned ice cream maker Monte Pelmo in the Jordaan. Monte Pelmo delivers artisanal Italian ice cream with delightful flavors like hazelnut, pistachio, and sorbet.

Additionally, Het IJsboefje’s menu features a wide range of 28 milkshake variations. It offers not only sublime ice cream and milkshakes but also an inviting ambiance with enchanting interior decor adorned with beautiful tiles. Lastly, they have a cozy terrace that beckons for enjoyment on sunny days.


Javastraat 79 - 28-minute walk from Hotel Casa

Ijs van Oost Ice cream salons

Located on Javastraat, IJs van Oost offers a pure ice cream experience with daily fresh artisanal ice cream. With a focus on excellent ingredients— including fresh fruit and vanilla pods— they offer a delightful assortment. This charming ice cream parlor features a simple interior with a few seating options and is also known for their quality espresso. The variety of flavors, such as yogurt, sorbet, and ice cream, makes IJs van Oost a delicious treat throughout the year.


Scheldeplein 22 - 31-minute walk from Hotel Casa

Pisa Ijs Ice cream salons

While this ice cream parlor isn’t located in Amsterdam East, Pisa IJs certainly deserves a special mention. Situated near the Amsterdam RAI, this modest ice cream shop offers an irresistible array of delicious Italian ice cream since 1935. Their artisanally crafted ice cream is proudly presented in over 60 surprising flavors that vary by season.

The ice cream parlor is a true symbol of tradition and taste, thus being an enduring favorite in Amsterdam. Although the queues on the first sunny days of the year are impressive, they pay a rightful tribute to the irresistible allure of this delightful ice cream in Amsterdam South.

And thus concludes this flavorful journey through the Amsterdam ice cream scene in the East. From timeless favorites to daring creations, each ice cream parlor has its own tempting story and delightful offerings. Whether you opt for the classic delight of artisanal ice cream or the adventurous flavors of gelato, the ice cream salons in Amsterdam East have something delicious in store for everyone on warm days.


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