Meet Finn & Sherena, a dynamic duo who found each other in the student kitchen of CASA. Their story began with a spontaneous encounter among the pots and pans and is now continuing in CASA. Read their little Valentine interview in this blog.

How did you guys meet?

Finn: “In the CASA kitchen” (both laugh).

Sherena: “I had only been here for two weeks when I suddenly walked into the student kitchen while Finn was cooking. I immediately approached him to say that I don’t think I had met him yet” (laughs).

Sherena: “And then Finn said, no indeed, ‘save the best for last’.”

Finn: “Then two more months passed.”

Sherena: “Yes, only then did we start dating.”

What’s your favorite spot in CASA?

Finn: “Her room.”

Sherena: “Yes, we’re always here. I really love my stuff, but he doesn’t need much.”

Finn: “I just need my toothbrush, and it’s here in the room” (laughs).

Sherena: “We’ve also been to EAST a few times in the hotel because Finn had to DJ there, and the Little Friday Cocktails are always delicious.”

Finn: “Yes, the Pornstar Martini is really great.”

Sherena: “Yes, and €5 for a cocktail is really not expensive, and they’re really good.”

Students Hotel Casa


What’s your ultimate tip for a date in the city?

Finn: “I quite like Fabrique des Lumières.”

Sherena: “Yes, and we really like cheese fondue too.”

Finn: “Het Karbeel is our ultimate recommendation if you want good cheese fondue. I had a beer cheese fondue, it was fantastic.”

Sherena: “Yes, and I had the mustard cheese! It’s a winter thing, but we would still go in the summer.”

Do you have a favorite café in the city?

Finn: “Café Fest is nice.”

Sherena: “Yes, indeed!”

What’s the most beautiful place in Amsterdam for you?

Finn: “The Magere Brug at sunset, truly beautiful!”

Sherena: “Oh, yes!”

Thank you for all the tips and your time!

Sherena & Finn: “You’re welcome!”


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